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Providing Peace of Mind. Comprehensive Estate Planning.

Goosmann Trust Law Counsel™ is a boutique estate and business succession planning department within
Goosmann Law Firm.

Meet Our Team

Jeana Goosmann

Attorney, CEO, Founder, Managing Partner

Phone: (712) 226-4000
Cell: (712) 251-2250
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Family has always played an important role in my life. I grew up a farmer’s daughter where my parents taught me the value of hard work and dedication at a young age. I understand the value of family in all its forms; from family traditions, heirlooms, and businesses to savoring fond memories of loved ones. Read more about Jeana.

Christie Finnegan

Executive Director

Phone: (712) 226-7412
Cell: (712) 899-2950
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I learned about hard work, the importance of family and helping others, as well as passing on values being raised on a family Century Farm in small-town Iowa. As the oldest of 8 children, I know my parents worked hard to provide for us and I am thankful for the experiences I had growing up that provided me the foundation for who I am. Read more about Christie.

Breandan Donahue


Phone: (712) 226-7410
Cell: (712) 202-3626
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Although attending one of the top law schools in the nation on the east coast, the University of Virginia School of Law, it was always my goal to come back to the heart of the Midwest to practice. As an estate planner, I have the wonderful opportunity to collaborate and work with others, as well as get the satisfaction of addressing complex challenges. Read more about Breandan.

Emilee Boyle Gehling


Phone: (712) 226-7404
Cell: (712) 898-5417
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As a shareholder of the Goosmann Law Firm, I make deals happen. When companies and professionals need their deals and succession plans to come together, I am able to anticipate their legal needs, clear roadblocks, and complete the transaction. I help my clients capture government incentives, facilitate financing to propel growth, and acquire or divest business interests, assets, or property. Read more about Emilee.

Monica Colella

Senior Paralegal

Phone: (712) 226-7405

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At the age of 56 my dad died of pancreatic cancer.  By the time he was diagnosed and passed away, it had only been 4 months.  In the blink of an eye my life, and the rest of my family’s life, was turned upside down. Read more about Monica


Kristen Veltkamp


Phone: (712) 226-7407

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While still young, I realized that I am able to easily empathize with others and I really grew to enjoy learning what makes people tick. As I progressed through school in my hometown of Hinton, Iowa and later on at the University of South Dakota, I knew that whatever career path I followed, I wanted it to concentrate on people’s well-being. Read more about Kristen