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Goosmann Trust Law Counsel™

is a boutique estate and business succession planning department within
Goosmann Law Firm.

We offer comprehensive and personalized estate planning, asset protection, business succession planning, business formation, probate and trust administration, charitable planning, and estate litigation services in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Missouri. We also leverage our national network to provide services nationwide based on our Midwest roots. We are privileged to work with many individuals, families, professionals, and business leaders to provide them peace of mind and would appreciate the opportunity to do the same for you.

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  • Develop long-term relationships with you and your team of financial and planning professionals by earning your confidence and trust.
  • Fully understand your circumstances, needs, goals, and concerns while using the most appropriate, efficient, and cost-effective strategies to accomplish your objectives.
  • Maintain complete confidentiality.
  • Provide the peace of mind that you have hired an estate planning attorney and firm who listens to you and personalizes your plan.
  • Remove the pressure of being billed for our time by offering a fixed fee for our services. No surprise billing and additional tools we use also allow you to better understand how your estate plan works and how it meets your goals.
  • Make a positive difference in your life.


"As an owner of multiple businesses, properties and investments, I was very concerned about putting together a simple, yet comprehensive estate plan with my complicated portfolio. The Goosmann Trust Law Counsel team took the time to step-by-step discover, understand, research and explain all my options and together we came up with an excellent creative plan that meets all my wishes. My estate plan was put in place quickly and met my expectations and timeframe. I really appreciated the personal attention, open communication, and friendly help throughout each step of the process. With my intricate plan in place, I now emphasize the importance of setting up a detailed estate plan to everyone and would highly recommend the Goosmann Trust Law Counsel services."

Steve R.

"I first became acquainted with Goosmann Law when my mother passed away and I was named executor of her estate, I had seen Jeana on TV and felt that was the type of firm I wanted to represent the estate. My mother's affairs were not in the best order so there were several challenges to get it probated and settled in a timely and economical way but the Goosmann firm did that in a very professional way despite all the problems we encountered. After that I knew I did not want my children to go through the same thing I had, so I met with the Goosmann Trust Law Counsel. They helped me to answer all the questions I had as to what I wanted to do and how I wanted it handled. They put together a plan based on their questions and my answers that addressed all of my concerns. I was very impressed with their concern to do what I wanted and the best way to accomplish it. I can now feel confident that when the time comes my estate will be passed on in the way that I want it to be with a minimum amount of problems for my children. I would recommend the Goosmann Law team for any legal issues that you have, they are professional, friendly, reasonable and fair."

Mike P.

"Please accept our sincere thanks and gratitude for helping us with our estate planning. The amount of time, talent and professionalism displayed by all was above perfection. Lawyers that actually listen, execute and advise on our desired wishes was refreshing. We felt that all our needs were completely met. Deployment is stressful enough, and the burden of having this done in a timely manner will ease our minds immensely."

Ron and Nadine R.

"As a business owner, my business deals happen quickly and I appreciate the prompt support and response I get from Goosmann Law Firm. I took confidence in knowing the firm is full-service and that the legal team works together internally to ensure as my businesses change, they are also considering my estate plan. The firm worked efficiently to get our estate plan completed and I appreciate that the Trust Law Counsel team is there for to help us keep our estate plan current. I would highly recommend working with an experienced, full-service law firm like Goosmann Law Firm."

Dick and Lori S.

"The Goosmann Trust Law Counsel team made it easy for us to get our estate plan in place. For the normal person, this is a complicated process which was made easy and less stressful by their team. They listened to us, provided thorough communication, and walked us through the process, step-by-step. We understood our options and know our final plan meets our goals. We are happy we chose to work with Goosmann Trust Law Counsel."

Bill and Heather B.

"I would recommend Goosmann Law office and counsel to anyone. The staff did a great job. Worked around our time schedule and walked us through every step. A very thorough job. Thank you Goosmann Law Firm - it will make us and our daughter's job so much easier down the road."

Milton and Linda J.

"I worked closely with Goosmann law to prepare a living will, as I travel a fair amount and wanted to make sure all loose ends were tied up. They did a great job of guiding me through the process, and asking me the right questions that helped me to think bigger picture and more long term. I see Goosmann Trust Law Counsel as a trusted advisor, and am looking forward to a longstanding relationship with the team."

Stephanie J.

After surviving the Vegas shooting, it became even more important for us to put our affairs in order. Not only for our children, but for the many businesses we own. Goosmann walked us through the process and made it super easy and understandable. Highly recommend Sam Ferguson and his team at Goosmann.


For several years, my husband and I discussed the need for having a will. This summer, we were directed to Goosmann Law Firm to seek advice in this regard. They made this experience easy in that they were both professional and knowledgeable in regards to explaining the process of estate law. Their replies were prompt, and we both highly recommend contacting Goosmann Law for estate planning. Thank you also to the staff - all were friendly and kind.

Chad and Cat M.

We want to commend the fine work of Andrew Simpson and his team in handling my mother's estate. Andrew educated us in the processes and procedures to close the estate, helped handle questions from the other benefactors, and was consistently prepared to help us as we closed the estate. Andrew is personable, an effective communicator and an excellent lawyer we highly recommend. While it was a difficult path, he assisted us in a patient, positive and constructive way. "Five stars" for Andrew Simpson and Goosmann Law!

Randy H

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