Christie Finnegan



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I learned about hard work, the importance of family and helping others, as well as passing on values being raised on a family Century Farm in small-town Iowa. As the oldest of 8 children, I know my parents worked hard to provide for us and I am thankful for the experiences I had growing up that provided me the foundation for who I am.

I care about people. Pair that with the fact that I believe proper preparation is the best prevention for poor performance or poor outcomes and that sums up why I am passionate about the work I do at the Goosmann Law Firm. Our team of Trust Law experts is dedicated to ensuring that your estate plan prevents confusion and possible conflict and ensures your wishes are carried out in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Yes, estate planning involves something no one really enjoys thinking about, but it is a key element of financial management and a key responsibility of being prepared—and having your family prepared. Really, having a current estate plan provides you peace of mind. Peace of mind that your assets are protected and that they pass on to who you want, when you want. Sounds simple, but it sometimes isn’t.

We at the Goosmann Law Firm understand that for each individual, couple, and family, the planning process is unique and personal. Some share very private aspects of their business and family. Some, like my husband and I, feel their greatest need is to have a plan in place for young children. For others, their estate plan involves passing on values and a legacy. Sometimes difficult conversations need to be held with the rest of the family explaining certain aspects of a plan and why it was done that way.  My commitment is to ensure Trust Law Counsel provides each client a confidential, customized estate plan and that they understand how it meets their needs and wishes.

Estate planning can involve difficult decisions and conversations, but thank you for allowing me to help you through our planning process, resulting in being prepared and providing you and your family peace of mind.