Emilee Boyle Gehling



Direct: (712) 226-7404

Cell: (712) 898-5417

As a shareholder of the Goosmann Law Firm, I make deals happen. When companies and professionals need their deals and succession plans to come together, I am able to anticipate their legal needs, clear roadblocks, and complete the transaction. I help my clients capture government incentives, facilitate financing to propel growth, and acquire or divest business interests, assets, or property.

I was inspired to become an attorney reading legal novels in junior high.  When a lawyer and mentor told me “Law school is your ticket to anywhere,” it solidified my plans to become a lawyer.  I found the statement true, as it took me from Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. as counsel to the Judiciary Committee to a practicing Iowa attorney.

I had a business mindset starting at an early age. Growing up discussing my family business around the dinner table instilled in me a broad understanding of the work that goes into running a successful business. I bring those skills and background to every client matter.

Working in the family business from an early age, I appreciated what it takes to run a business, manage employees, and deal with government regulation in a highly regulated industry. I love being a lawyer, because I enjoy providing practical legal counseling and insight to businesses, professionals and families guiding them through deals and navigating tricky situations.

My goal is to help each family and business feel at ease when dealing with the complexities of Succession Planning.

Emilee is licensed in Iowa and South Dakota.