Getting Started

Congratulations on taking the first step in ensuring peace of mind for your future by establishing an estate plan and thank you for choosing Goosmann Trust Law Counsel to assist you.  Goosmann Trust Law Counsel would like to meet with you in order to learn about your unique needs and what is important to you.


SCHEDULE YOUR INITIAL CONSULTATION MEETING with us by clicking HERE or by calling us at (855) 217-4780.


In preparation of your Initial Consultation Meeting, please print and complete our ESTATE PLANNING WORKSHEETS. This packet is designed to help you create an outline of your assets. Accurate and complete information is important to help us properly design and implement your estate plan. All the information you provide to us will be held in strict confidence.


We also suggest that you complete and return our GOAL IDENTIFICATION FORM. This form allows us to understand what is most important to you and for us to make recommendations for an estate plan that makes sense for you and fulfills your goals.


Please complete the Planning Worksheets and Goal Identification Form as completely as you can and return to us at least 24-48 hours prior to your Initial Consultation Meeting.