Maggie L. Simonson

Maggie L. Simonson, JD, CPA


Office: (712) 338-9106 

As a dually-licensed attorney and CPA, Maggie’s practice lies at the intersection of business law and taxation, including the crucial aspect of estate planning to minimize estate tax. Her goal is always to build a relationship with you as your trusted advisor, not just your attorney, to truly understand your goals and help you accomplish them. This relationship allows her to provide valuable proactive tax and estate planning tailored to you and your family to prevent having to merely react to tax consequences as they occur.

Maggie understands that tax and estate planning are complicated, so she strives to provide concise and easy to understand advice. In the event you are involved in an audit or other tax controversy, she will be there to navigate you through the process, communicate on your behalf, and minimize stress.

Prior to joining Goosmann, Maggie started off her career working in public accounting as a CPA. That experience allows her to see beyond the legal aspects of estate planning and transactions and work side-by-side with your other tax and financial advisors to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.