Martha Harris



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Growing up in a farm family, I heard many discussions about the weather, crops, farmland prices and planning for the future.   Although every generation before us has had to deal with so many unpredictable factors, planning for future generations is one thing all generations have in common.   Every one of us will face the inevitable someday and estate planning seems to be one way to give a person some peace of mind now.  Hearing my mom and dad and aunts and uncles talk about farm business created an interest in the legal field.  I went to school to be a legal secretary after high school.  Later in life, after getting married and having two daughters, I went back to school to get my degree in business administration at Briar Cliff University.  I have worked in various areas of the law and find that my interests mainly lie in real estate and estate planning.  Everybody’s situation is different and that is what makes estate planning so interesting.  If you come to the Goosmann Law Firm for help with your estate plan, I may be the one drafting these very important documents for you and your family.