Monica Colella



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At the age of 56 my dad died of pancreatic cancer.  By the time he was diagnosed and passed away, it had only been 4 months.  In the blink of an eye my life, and the rest of my family’s life, was turned upside down.  This experience opened my eyes to the struggles that others have when dealing with a sick loved one or a loved one that has passed on. That experience, and the emotions and ups and downs that came with it, and still do, is what makes my role in Trust Law Counsel personal.

Before working at Goosmann Law Firm, I worked at Argosy Casino for 11 years.  During those 11 years, I met thousands of people.  The difference between the people I met through the casino and the people I meet through Trust Law Counsel is that there is now a connection I can make with our clients.  I am able to relate to them through my personal experiences and use this connection to better our relationship and offer our clients the peace of mind that they are looking for.  I have a husband, three children, three siblings that are all so very different, my mom moved in with us when my dad died, and my husband and I work full-time jobs.  We are rarely at home due to cross-country, football, soccer, taekwondo, tennis, work commitments, and everything else that keeps our lives moving way too fast.  I get it.  I can relate.

I understand that estate planning is not on the top of your mind and that it’s difficult to have that first discussion. I’ve also seen firsthand that sickness and death can unfortunately bring out some not so nice sides of people.  And it’s not that people don’t care for each other, but that there are just too many unknowns that come into play when an estate plan isn’t in place.  Having a General and Medical Power of Attorney, Living Will, Last Will and Testament, or Trust can eliminate those unknowns and keep the peace in your family at an already difficult time.

Thank you for allowing me to help you provide you and your family peace of mind.