Nick Montague

Nick Montague, CAP®


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My estate planning career started with a hug. The first client that ever hired me to help with her estate planning needs had been recently widowed. She was faced with mourning the loss of a loved one while trying to navigate the legal system. We spent hours trying to undo the mess that failing to plan had created. Over the course of our conversations I learned about her life and the lives of her late husband and children. I helped educate her about the importance of holistic estate planning and together we addressed her concerns and needs. When the final meeting ended, she walked around the table and gave me a hug. My very first client had an incredible effect on me and I began to approach estate planning in a whole new manner. I realized that estate planning is more about relationships and telling your story than it is about documents.

Serving clients throughout the Midwest has allowed me to develop relationships with individuals from all walks of life. No matter the situation, my goal is the develop strategies based on the needs and situation of the individual. Taking a proactive estate planning approach will allow you to tell your story and leave your legacy well into the future.

Nick Montague is licensed in Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri.